Unanticipated Beginnings (Kellis Pond, Bridgehampton, NY)

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Unanticipated Beginnings (Kellis Pond, Bridgehampton, NY)


16 x 20.

350/50 Artist Proofs.

Free pencil remarque (regular price $50.00).

"This painting depicts a tandem pair of Wood Ducks committed over a mixed rig of Goose and Mallard decoys. Both Gunners are up and ready to start the day with four in the bag; and with an oncoming string of Canada geese just out of eyesight, another promising challenge awaits. This is Vito DeVito's fourteenth sponsor print for Ducks Unlimited and shows his strong commitment to the waterfowl resources and important habitats on Long Island."

"Kellis Pond is one of many fresh water ponds across Southampton that are vital for waterfowl, fish, and other wildlife. Not only do these ponds provide roosting and feeding opportunities in the surrounding agricultural fields, these ponds provide critical fresh water for birds that feed in the salt water marshes and tidal areas. This 19-acre pond's depth runs as deep as 100-feet, and according to local legend, has no bottom in some parts. Due to its' immense depth and spring sources, this pond has never gone dry, making it a reliable irrigation source for local agriculture. The depth and springs also make this one of the last bodies of fresh water to freeze in winter (if at all), making it a hotspot for waterfowl in the winter. The pond's deep, clean water supports a great number of fish, reptiles, amphibians, and local wildlife. Kellis Pond supports local production of Wood Ducks and Mallards in the spring and attracts many different species during the fall migration."

"Unanticipated Beginnings is copyrighted by Ducks Unlimited in a signed and numbered limited edition of 350 prints. These prints will be made available only to those individuals or corporations who become sponsor members of Ducks Unlimited during the 2015-2016 fund raising season at the minimum Bronze Sponsor contribution level of $250. Additionally there will be a limited series of 50 Silver Edition prints and 20 Gold Edition prints for giving at the Silver ($500) and Gold ($1,000) levels. Special personalized remarques and framing are available directly from the artist at additional charge, as well as Artist Proofs. This year's Long Island Sponsor Print Program has been generously underwritten by Mr. Donald Grodski and Family. Don is a Life Sponsor, active member, and past Area Chairman of the Eastern Suffolk Ducks Unlimited Chapter."

The previous excerpt was gleaned from a Ducks Unlimited informational flyer.

Please contact Mr. DeVito through this website for Artist Proofs or more information. 

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